© Architype Given how dreadful most new housing is these days, this is at least the minimum builders should build and customers should expect. Writing in Dodge Data, Donna Laquidara-Carr was so excited that "one-third of single family builders (33%) are building more than 60% of their homes green. This demonstrates the prevalence of green homes in the current single family market." And what do they mean by green? "Nearly one quarter of single family builders (23%) reported using solar photovoltaics (PV) on their projects in 2016, and even more multifamily builders (27%) reported doing so. Among single family builders, this places the use of solar PV nearly at the level of ground source heat exchange (25%)." And I thought, we are so screwed, if basically a sixth of the homes being built are "green" and they think it is all about heat pumps and solar panels. I thought about this when I discovered the article by Michael Maines wrote in Green Building Advisor earlier this year, about what he calls the Pretty Good House 2.0 . We covered the first Pretty Good House (PGH) back in 2012 , when Maines and Dan Kolbert were "fed up with other […]


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