© A very different CO2 absorbing concrete block/ Thomas Moore Solidia Technologies’ chemistry could make concrete almost benign. The making of concrete is responsible for as much as 8 percent of annual CO2 emissions; we have called it the most destructive material on earth . The manufacturers know this is a problem and have been looking for ways to reduce the footprint before a serious price on carbon is slapped on it, and are evidently making some progress. Carbon emissions come from two sources; traditionally, about half comes from the heating of the kiln, and about half from the chemical reaction that makes cement out of calcium carbonate. LafargeHolcim, the world’s largest cement company, has been trying to reduce the footprint of concrete for some time, although we previously noted that they are having some trouble selling it. There is so far too little demand for sustainable materials,” said Jens Diebold, head of sustainability at LafargeHolcim. “I would love to see more demand from customers for it. There is limited sensitivity for carbon emissions in the construction of a building. That may change; according to Kim Slowey at Construction Dive , LafargeHolcim is going to be selling reduced CO2 […]


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