Coke launched its bottled water brand, Dasani, 20 years ago. It’s now the bestselling bottled water in the U.S. at a time when bottled water is also the country’s best-selling beverage. The industry sells billions of bottles in a year—and it knows that most of those bottles aren’t recycled. But if you want to buy sparkling water from Dasani’s new vending machine, you won’t get a plastic bottle. In fact, you can’t buy the water at all unless you supply your own bottle. The machine, called PureFill, is one of 100 that Dasani is rolling out to test as one approach to deal with the problem of plastic waste, of which it is a major contributor. “It’s actually an experiment in how comfortable are people with that type of delivery,” says Bruce Karas, vice president of environment and sustainability at Coca-Cola. [Photo: courtesy Coca-Cola] It’s part of a handful of new strategies that the company announced today it is trying to reduce plastic waste. This fall, it will start selling Dasani in aluminum cans in the Northeast, expanding to other regions next year, followed by aluminum bottles. Aluminum cans are more likely to be recycled than plastic bottles, and […]


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