How much can one person affect the environment? (Picture: Ella Byworth for ‘Carbon offsetting’ is a hot topic as of late, due to headlines surrounding The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , have received backlash after jetting off to Nice on Elton John’s private plane, following a trip to Ibiza earlier this month. The musician defended the royals by arguing that he had made a donation to the footprint fund in order to ensure that the flight was ‘carbon neutral’. However, according to Doug Parr from Greenpeace UK, carbon offsetting does not do enough to stop climate change, which raises an important question. Can one individual actually make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint? What is carbon offsetting? For those not familiar with the term, it refers to how an individual, an organisation or a business can ‘compensate’ for their carbon emissions. This is usually done by taking part in a scheme that equalises your carbon footprint (or donating money to environmental causes, like Elton claims to have done). ‘There is increasing scepticism among climate researchers about carbon offsetting both in terms of how effective they are, and whether they can feasibly […]


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