Image: Jennifer Sensiba A few days ago, I woke up to an interesting notification on my phone. It was from the Burger King app, and the company wanted me to taste test the Impossible Whopper. To make it a fair test (and one that enough people would want to take a chance on), the app offered a special deal: one regular beef Whopper and one Impossible Whopper for $7. For those who haven’t heard of it, the Impossible Whopper uses a patty made by Impossible Foods. There’s nothing new about plant-based substitutes for beef patties, and Burger King has been offering vegetarian options for at least 15 years. The difference now is that Impossible analyzes animal-based foods at the molecular level, and comes up with plant-sourced proteins to replicate the taste and texture of meat and dairy products. This allows people to avoid eating dairy and meat products without giving up what they love. Considering the greenhouse gas and other environmental costs of dairy and meat production, products like the Impossible Whopper could prove to be an important part of today’s cleantech environment. As you’ve probably guessed, I took Burger King up on its offer. I put in my […]


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