Swiss company Planted has concocted a plant-based chicken that, well, tastes like chicken. The startup is part of a growing movement to create plant-based alternatives to meat, joining the likes of Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat, and various other companies offering plant-based beef products. But for Planted, chicken was first on the list to tackle. All photos courtesy of Planted Planted makes its “chicken” with just four ingredients: pea protein, pea fibers, sunflower oil, and water. Co-founders Pascal Bieri, Lukas Böni, and Eric Stirnemann aim to keep the ingredient list as simple as possible, while still being able to recreate the texture and flavor of real meat. Ultimately, they’d like to entice meat-eaters to consume less meat, offering up planted.chicken as a tasty, healthy and cruelty-free alternative. The company first began selling their plant-based meat in May, and so being new, its product is still priced as high-end meat. To learn more about Planted’s plans to scale up and tackle meat consumption, we put our questions to co-founder Pascal Bieri. What inspired you and your co-founders to launch Planted? I realized a long time ago that we absolutely have to do something about our meat consumption. The amounts – simply […]


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