IKEA and Skanska are collaborating with the Queen of Sweden on an offshoot of their modular BoKlok housing that will meet the needs of the elderly and people with dementia. Named SilviaBo, the housing project is being developed in Sweden by IKEA , Skanska and Silviahemmet , a dementia-care foundation established by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The project is a response to the country’s ageing population and resultant demand for accessible dwellings. It will rely on the same prefabricated timber units as BoKlok, but incorporate shared social facilities and modified interiors with more "dementia-friendly layouts" to help the elderly live independently for longer. The first six SilviaBo apartments are currently being completed outside Stockholm, and IKEA is now in the first stages of securing land for future projects elsewhere. "There is a huge need in Sweden for housing for the elderly. The demographic changes we see seems to be more or less the same in many countries," said BoKlok’s project manager Magdalena Stadler. "Today, the offerings on the housing market are quite expensive – for the few affluent, rather than for the many. Our hope is that SilviaBo can be a small part of a better solution," she told […]


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