SEATTLE — You don’t need to leave Seattle to visit an organic farm – just stop by a driveway in Ballard. Abundant Greens Urban Farm is an urban plant stand operating just steps outside Jeanene Miller’s front door. A greenhouse and tables filled with plant starts sit in the space where Jeanene Miller would otherwise park her car. "The driveway is just kind of open season,” she said. "I’m out at seven in the morning drinking my coffee and people come by, so it’s just a constant stream of neighbors." A small greenhouse stands beside pots bursting with greenery. Tables are filled with small plants for sale. The nursery takes up just about every inch of her driveway and small yard, and Miller sells starts for virtually any vegetable you can imagine. "There’s a lot of different varieties that you’d never see in the grocery store,” she said. Options include purple jalapenos and more than 100 varieties of tomatoes. Miller said she never planned on starting the business. Initially, she was just a home gardener with some extra starts to share. “It just kind of grew from there. It was kind of organic, just like the plants – it […]


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