This is dangerous for two reasons. One, it’s destroying the planet . And two, it’s becoming so common that people may lose hope or tune out — the news can be almost as sapping as the heat. But that apathy would come at just the wrong moment. The price of renewable energy hit a record low last month, when a Portuguese power auction produced the cheapest electricity in history. Given the political will, we could quickly make huge strides in combatting climate change. That’s why we should be grateful to some of the youngest activists on the planet, people who refuse to become inured to business as usual , who won’t give up. The most famous of them, Greta Thunberg, is on a sailboat for a journey to the United States, where she’ll address the UN’s climate summit in September. But she’s far from alone. Thanks to the organization Fridays for Future, you can find Greta equivalents from Peru to Pensacola to Prague, from Ulan Bator to the gates of the UN. Thunberg began her “school strike for the climate’’ a year ago, arguing that if the world’s adults weren’t willing to prepare the planet for her generation, they […]


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