Sustainability is more than just a trend that people use to describe their attention to environmental matters. Centuries ago, many families had to keep their lives sustainable as a way to survive. Today, a self-sustaining (and often off-grid) homestead remains a fair ambition for people from all parts of the world. In each case, those who are interested must find land suitable for their goals. Building a homestead that can mostly or entirely support itself requires a plentiful and predictable access to shelter, food sources, energy, water, and waste management. As households or individuals start down this path, they should research the limits and advantages of any region in which they would consider setting up. Many properties will contain at least a few things that homeowners need. For undeveloped lots, future potential may sometimes outweigh the existence of equipment and systems designed to harness certain features. Finding land that offers more opportunities than restrictions will make it easier for people to identify and create a linear path toward getting what they want from the property. It is rare that buyers will come across a lot that already meets their needs in every way from the get-go. Even if the […]


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