In the post-carbon future, downtown Calgary could boast green tech like hyperloops, wind farms and sustainable architecture (Photo illustration by Lauren Cattermole and Drew Maynard) This article is part of a special climate change issue in advance of the federal election. This collection of stories offers a comprehensive look at where Canada currently stands, what could be done to address the issue and what the consequences might be if this country continues with half measures. Learn more about why we’re doing this . The sun rises in Calgary in 2050. A wind-farm worker rolls out of bed, packs himself a tofurkey sandwich on rye, checks his condo building’s geothermal heating system and hops the electric tram to work. Welcome to the post-carbon world. We’ve dodged the bullet. The global economy has ditched fossil fuels. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have stopped rising. Temperatures are stable. We’ve started harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, the water and even the stray heat lurking in the air or underground. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Maybe most importantly—is this just science fiction, or a possible reality? “Is it possible to turn things around by […]


  1. Hi there,
    I love your site and your uplifting news.
    I’m an environmental Activist in Portland Oregon. I clicked on the link to check out more of this article…found it mainly to be praising Canada’s environmental friendly ways. That is all wonderful, BUT….here in Portland and many places in the world, Tar Sands Oiul from Alberta Canada, are being pumped into Oil Trains, or flowing through pipelines, such as Kinder Morgan….with Trudeau’s blessing, and to Trump, the Environmental killer par Excellance (I’ll control myself), delight. So please, tell me….with the Apocalyptic “Tar Sands”…the Largest Source of Carbon Pollution on the planet, emminating CO2 every second and sending their poison to Worldwide….How In Heck can Canada go Carbon Neurtral in anyway?!

    • Thank you for your support. I agree that Canada will have a tough case to make at any upcoming serious climate talks. Prime Minister Trudeau is very forward thinking on many issues, but he definitely showed his colours by approving the federal purchase of TMX. Thankfully much of the development on the tar sands sector is halted at the moment. The value of low quality bitumen in international markets is so low that many major oil companies have been pulling out. If current trends continue, tar sands projects may never be cost effective again.


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