Recent studies have examined the link between exposure to nature and health , but do some of these landscapes do a better job at boosting your health than others? A new study out of the University of Wollongong in Australia found that public green spaces covered by some kind of tree canopy, as opposed to bare grass or low-lying vegetation, provide the greatest health benefit. Published this week in JAMA Network Open , the study found that adults living in a neighborhood with at least 30 percent tree cover were 31 percent less likely to develop psychological distress and 33 percent less likely to have fair or poor health overall. “Our findings suggest that urban greening strategies with a remit for supporting community mental health should prioritize the protection and restoration of urban tree canopy,” authors Thomas Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng wrote. “In addition, the promotion of equal access to tree canopy may provide greater equity in mental health.” The results support previous research into ” forest bathing ” therapy, which has been linked with lower stress, blood pressure and anxiety . The researchers monitored the health of nearly 47,000 Australian adults living among three distinct types of green […]


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