As Tesla is preparing to launch its ‘Tesla Semi’ electric truck next year, some are starting to imagine other possible applications than freight transport, like a Tesla Semi electric motorhome. Motorhomes are often associated with freedom. The idea that you can take your entire home on the road and explore the world is extremely appealing to many. Electric motorhomes would have the same appeal, but they could also push it to a whole new level. The average motorhome is a significant gas-guzzler and making it all-electric could reduce the cost of operation and the pollution from the segment. To a certain degree, it could even elevate the level of freedom. With enough range, you could technically drive most of the day and park at a camping spot with service to charge overnight and then get back on the road the next day. Several companies are starting to tentatively enter the space. A German company unveiled a full-size electric motorhome prototype and Winnebago launched an all-electric RV platform . But neither currently have a good enough powertrain to make those vehicles viable electric motorhomes yet. With its electric range and capability, Tesla Semi could serve as the first viable platform […]


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