© iravgustin It’s time to rewild the manicured garden – here’s how to start. Way back when, nature was a wild thing – it was gorgeously unruly, thriving, going about its business all over the planet. In that context, early manicured gardens kind of makes sense – they were a way of taming nature, of creating controlled beauty out of the chaos of wilderness. Fast forward to now and we have slashed, burned, chopped, logged, paved over, and built over so much nature that less than a quarter of the planet’s land remains as wilderness . Natural habitats and whole ecosystems have been wiped out for agriculture (which now comprises 40 percent of land on Earth) and other assorted development. At this point, the least we can do is allow our lawns and tidy gardens to return to a more natural state. We often talk about this as "rewilding," but I’ve been seeing the term " ungardening " as well – and I like it because it puts the emphasis on the "gardening" part. We don’t have to stop gardening, per se – something that so many of us love – we just need to do it with a […]


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