While a growing number of chefs around the world are trying to cut food waste, Helsinki’s Restaurant Nolla (“Zero”) takes it to the extreme: the three cofounders are trying to completely eliminate waste. There’s not even a trash can in the kitchen. “We’re three young cooks that have been working in different restaurants from casual to high-end and have just been frustrated with the amount of waste that’s created every day,” says Luka Balac, one of the chefs. [Photo: Nikola Tomevski/courtesy Nolla] When they opened Nolla—which launched temporarily in one location in 2018 and will open in a new location in Helsinki’s Design District on July 31—one of the first challenges was the packaging that came with orders from suppliers. “A starting point was that we would reduce a lot of waste by just asking people to change their packaging or delivery for us, and it was surprising how many big and small companies decided to go forward with our ideas,” he says. [Photo: Nikola Tomevski/courtesy Nolla] Nearly all of the ingredients, except for olive oil and wine, are sourced locally, but despite relatively short deliveries, the suppliers all used single-use packaging. A local coffee roaster, for example, normally […]


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