Renewable energy employed 11 million people around the world last year despite slower annual growth in key markets like China, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) concludes in the latest edition of its annual jobs report. “Renewable energy delivers on all main pillars of sustainable development: environmental, economic, and even social,” states IRENA Executive-Director Francesco La Camera. “Beyond pursuing climate goals, many governments have prioritized renewables as a driver of low-carbon economic growth. Diversification of the supply chain has broadened the sector’s geographic footprint beyond a few leading markets, as more countries link sustainable technology choices to broader socio-economic benefits. Increasingly, countries envisage a domestic renewable energy industry taking the place of unsustainable, fossil-based industries.” Like this story? Subscribe to The Energy Mix and never miss an edition of our free e-digest. Of the 11 million jobs, IRENA reports, 39% are in China, 3.6 million (including more than three million in Asia) are in solar photovoltaics, and only 32% are held by women. “Several factors—including national deployment and industrial policies, changes in the geographic footprint of supply chains and in trade patterns, and industry consolidation trends—shape how and where jobs are created,” the report states. “Nonetheless, the increasingly diverse […]


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