We spend most of our free time in our homes, and having high-quality air and clean living space is a must. The world is too polluted for you do expect miracles, but NASA has provided a list of indoor air-purifiers. We bet you already have these at home. Toxins enter your body through air, water, cosmetics and food. Constant exposure to toxins may result in serious health conditions. Do you know that the US has approved the use of eighty-four thousand chemicals? In 2011, chemicals provided about $763 billion in revenue. Manufacturers get $8 billion from the production of BPA. Things get worse in winter months. We’re stuck at home, and the air doesn’t circulate. Let’s not forget all the cleaning products we use to keep our home clean. Well, these chemicals end up in your body. That’s why you should keep a few air-purifying plants in your home. Here are some suggestions: Azaleas Azaleas filter air in kitchens which makes them a good option for those who use toxic detergents. English Ivy (Hedera Helix) Plant your English Ivy, because it’s invasive and may choke your plants. It removes airborne fecal-matter particles and cigarette smoke. English Ivy is low-maintenance […]


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