© Sanuk These sneakers and sandals are proof that footwear production can be gentler on the environment. Footwear is the hardest kind of ethical and sustainable fashion to source. While organic, fair-trade shirts and pants are practically commonplace these days, finding a pair of attractive, comfortable shoes made from recycled or biodegradable materials remains a bigger challenge. This is slowly shifting and it is long overdue. As a writer for an environmental news site, I get constant PR pitches to cover new brands and startups. Lately I’ve noticed more emails about footwear, so I thought a roundup of interesting new products might be useful to TreeHugger’s readers. These are brief overviews of products that sound great but, except for the final one, I have not tried them personally. 1. Timberland’s Brooklyn EK+ © Timberland (used with permission) – Brooklyn EK+ shoes in two colors Back in 2007 Timberland launched the Earthkeepers Edition footwear, which has repurposed 345 plastic bottles since then. The Brookyn EK+ is its latest iteration, made from 100 percent ReBOTL™ material (recycled plastic bottles) and 34 percent recycled rubber. Laces are recycled PET. Note: Only available in men’s sizes. 2. The Pacific Shoes © Pacific Shoe […]


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