There are some surprising things you can do everyday to cut down your use of plastic. Waitrose & Partners are the latest to join the ongoing crackdown against the use of plastics. The supermarket is taking products like pasta, wine and washing up liquid out of packaging so customers can fill their own containers as part of a trial. The decision comes less than two weeks after the Government announced Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds will be banned as of next year in an effort to protect the environment. It’s a big change and, while environmentalists have welcomed the announcement, they’re still urging people to cut down on everyday use in small ways, too. Friends of the Earth said: "Legislation to cut down on pointless plastic is good to see but these three items are just a fraction of the single-use plastic nasties that are used for a tiny amount of time before potentially polluting the natural environment for centuries to come. "Ultimately, we need producers to take responsibility for the plastic pollution caused by all their products; whether it’s bags, balloons, packets, containers or otherwise. "This is why we’re campaigning for legislation to cut back on pointless […]


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