Justin Sullivan via Getty Images The loveliest trick that vegan food plays on any language-oriented mind is its funny way of naming products. “ Chicken-free mock chicken ,” for example. Or “ beefless beef .” (When a friend told me there was really such a thing as “ eggless egg ,” my non-plant-based brain simply could not compute). The latest thing to go vegan-viral is yet another offering from Beyond Meat , the wildly profitable plant-based protein company that makes meatless alternatives to things like beef and pork. The company has decided to invest in a new and promising venture: vegan bacon and vegan steak. But, how?! Beyond Meat, which was founded in 2009, already has a number of other mind-boggling products — faux ground beef, plant-based burgers , vegan sausages — that it makes from combinations of things like pea proteins, coconut oil, and other ingredients like potato starch and apple extracts. Watch: Why are meats going meatless? Story continues below. Unable to play video. HTML5 is not supported! The company says its burgers are healthier than regular beef is, but it hasn’t been around long enough for nutritionists to dissent or agree . A date for the […]


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