We know that the ever increasing demand for animal products is hurting the environment. But can we really do something about it? I know that reducing my consumption on a personal level will not be enough to end deforestation or climate change, but I’m trying to implement as many changes to my lifestyle as I can and adopting a plant-based diet was one of these changes. So yeah, writing this post feels like I’m patting myself on the back, I might not be the most objective observer, but bear with me for a couple of minutes and let me tell you why I believe that vegans and plant-based eaters are having a very positive impact on our chances to transition towards a more sustainable future. The new demand People hope that by reducing their consumption, they will lower the demand and eventually the production of meat and other animal products. But is it really worth it to sacrifice a part of our comfort and invest time and effort in order to contribute a tiny drop in the ocean of the global consumption of animal products? It’s hard to say how many vegans are there in any country, but the […]


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