Our favorite rocket stove, solar oven and hand-powered laundry machine that can save you time and energy. Moving off-grid can be very rewarding and very daunting both at the same time. We have grown so accustomed to flipping switches and pressing buttons, that the shift can prove more challenging than we ever thought. When my family made the choice to transition from a home fed by electricity to a yurt fed by, well, ourselves (we had no electricity or gas and had gravity-fed spring water), we made a couple of purchases that greatly ensured a bit of ease and success in the process. 1. EnviroFit Rocket Stove EnviroFit Rocket Stove The first purchase we made was the EnviroFit Rocket Stove and the Double Pot attachment. This stove is easy to use and really works well. I used this every day for every meal. What I really liked was that I could use scrap wood from my partner’s building projects (never burn plywood or particleboard, though, as both contain toxic glues). The double pot attachment allows for me to cook with multiple pans for bigger meals and gives me more control if I want something cooked on a lower heat […]


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