While the sleepy 1960s Western ballad "Sin City" wafted through Brooklyn’s B61 Bar, a salmon squirmed beneath a bear’s claws as the hungry omnivore chomped on the fish’s fatty brains. At B61 Bar, named for the city bus line that frequently travels back and forth past the brick tavern, this was a normal late afternoon in July. Elijah Miller, B61’s bartender on Wednesday and Thursday nights, has aired the live streamed explore.org bear cams for four years running. The webcams bring the unfettered wildness of Alaska’s remote Katmai National Park — which teems with brown bears and salmon — to viewers across the globe. Miller, for his part, broadcasts the bear cams for, perhaps, the purest reason imaginable. "It just makes me really happy," said Miller, as he plopped a foamy lager on the bar. Observing the bears snatch fish from the river, fight , and mate, is a summer custom that Miller’s midweek patrons have come to appreciate. Admittedly, it’s a pleasing post-work activity. There’s no incessant, streaming news ticker. No terrible environmental news . No appalling behavior from the powerful and politically connected. "We’re just watching bears," said Miller. "I can’t think of a better spot in […]


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