© Waitrose Waitrose wants to see how serious shoppers are about bringing their own containers. Waitrose is listening to its customers. In response to people wanting to shop in "a more sustainable way", the British supermarket chain has launched an 11-week trial called Waitrose Unpacked , which offers a broad range of package-free products that people can put in their own refillable containers. The Unpacked trial features an impressive list of products, including 160 loose fruits and vegetables, a ‘pick and mix’ bar of frozen fruits (strawberries, mango, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, raspberries), plastic-free flowers and plants, refillable dish and dishwasher detergents, wine and beer refills, coffee bean refills (whole and ground), and 28 pantry basics available from dispensers (pasta, rice, grains, couscous, lentils, cereals, dried fruit, seeds, etc). Additionally, the store is offering a scheme called ‘borrow a box.’ The name is self-explanatory: for a £5 deposit, shoppers can borrow a box to take their food home, then get refunded once it’s returned. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of using less plastic packaging, the Unpacked foods are also cheaper – a reminder that we often pay for excessive packaging in addition to a product. The BBC reports that […]


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