By John Vibes / Truth Theory Tran Minh Tien of Vietnam has a business called “Ong Hut Co” that produces biodegradable straws made out of grass, and he shared his manufacturing process in an online video last week. To make the straws, Tien harvests a specific type of grass called Lepironia Articulata or “Grey Sedge” that grows wild in Vietnam’s wetlands. This type of grass is perfect for straws because they have a hollow stem and are very long. Tien and his crew first wash the grass and then cut them into tubes that are 20cm long. Next, the grass is cleaned more thoroughly, inside and out, before they are packed into bundles of banana leaves. This is a great product for reducing plastic waste, and is a perfect example showing that our modern conveniences don’t necessarily need to be made out of plastic. Unfortunately, Ong Hut Co is still only shipping within the country of Vietnam, but they are hoping to expand soon. There are other outside the box straw designs that are catching on in different areas of the world. In Singapore, select restaurants have begun serving with “rice straws” which are both biodegradable and edible. They […]


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