Addressing global crisis can feel insurmountable. There is so much work to do to heal our communities and planet. Where do we start? People are looking for solutions to today’s most pressing issues. Corporate impact initiatives show consumers that your brand shares their values . While corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a great start, consumers want to participate in social impact. Brands that offer people a way to make a difference on issues they care about strengthen their emotional bonds with consumers. A powerful new example of how to do this effectively is The Carbon Underground’s Adopt A Meter program. The initiative invites individuals to donate $5 dollars or more to restore a meter of farm or rangelands. Soils hold carbon, so by regenerating soils we can draw carbon from the atmosphere back into the ground. This helps fight climate change. It also restores farming and grazing lands. Each donation helps The Carbon Underground support regenerative soul initiatives. Ultimately, The Carbon Underground is spreading awareness about solutions to climate change and food security. It establishes shared beliefs around environmental stewardship and invites consumers to join them in making an impact. The Adopt a Meter campaign is an excellent learning […]


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