With one Democratic presidential debate down and the second looming at the end of July, polling among the 20 qualifying primary candidates will likely continue to yo-yo. But when it comes to candidates’ environmental policy positions, one leading advocacy organization is already ready to list the standouts. The SEAL Awards , which honors both businesses and journalists with strong track records in sustainability leadership, has named its top three 2020 candidates in terms of environmental policy: Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The SEAL Awards team notes that the candidates (listed in descending order of policy strength) were chosen exclusively for their environmental policies, rather than their overall platforms or candidacies. In other words: While polling indicates that both Warren and Sanders overall have a greater likelihood of being elected, the SEAL Awards believe that Jay Inslee’s environmental policy is the strongest. That figures: Inslee has built his whole campaign around a climate change platform that spells out concrete steps for decarbonizing the economy and investing in green technology—and consequently, creating jobs and opportunity. “There’s been a lot of conversation about the Green New Deal, and underneath the Green New Deal, people […]


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