There’s no shortage of solutions to the climate crisis. Rapidly developing clean-energy technology, reducing energy consumption and waste, increasing efficiency, reforming agricultural practices and protecting and restoring forests and wetlands all put us on a path to cleaner air, water, and soil; healthier biodiversity; and lower climate-altering greenhouse-gas emissions. Clean-energy technologies, including energy-storage methods , are improving as costs are dropping . Exciting new inventions like artificial photosynthesis , machines that remove atmospheric carbon to create fuels , and windows that convert light to electricity show what people are capable of when we put our minds to resolving challenges. It’s critical that we continue to develop, deploy, and scale up solutions, so why are we still mired in outdated ways and business as usual? For decades, experts have been warning about the consequences of rapidly burning fossil fuels, yet greenhouse-gas emissions continue to rise as the planet heats up faster. Europe is in the midst of a record heat wave ; Chennai, India, has run out of water ; farmers in Canada and the U.S. are seeing diminishing returns after prolonged droughts ; refugees are flooding borders as extreme conditions, water scarcity, and failing agriculture increase conflict and displace […]


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