No needs to repeat it again (maybe to Trump and climate skeptics?) but the world is in a bad shape, and thing are accelerating frantically for a few years. Overpopulation, Atmospheric Pollution, Trashes Pollution, or intensive farming and deforestation are killing our planet slowly but surely. BUT There are many ways to act (at least, at our fingertip) by changing our habits, just a little bit, to overcome and slow the destruction of our beloved planet. I have already published 5 Concernings Facts About The Current Situation Of Our Planet that exposes majors factors that are killing our planet. 1. Lilo, the Social & Environmental Search Engine Lilo is a search engine like Google and Bing that “Give Meaning to your Searches” — With Lilo, your searches finance social and environmental projects without any cost. Lilo is a powerful tool to use when it comes to acting for the planet. Each search you make on Lilo gives you “Waterdrops” You can “use” these waterdrops on any social/environmental project on the platform, and a small amount of money (generated by the ads during your searches) is giving to the project of your choice. Lilo is also doing Carbon […]


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