Air travel is really bad for the planet , but one airline is trying to make it easier for passengers to reduce their carbon footprint while exploring the world. Edelweiss, which is part of the Lufthansa Group, is letting passengers offset their carbon as easily as purchasing ticket. The airline has integrated the option to fly carbon-neutral directly into the booking process, adding offsets to the purchase price of the ticket. Here’s how it works: Book a flight on (or, and their partner figures out how much carbon will be emitted during your flight, as well as the dollar amount required to offset the emissions. Then passengers can add that offset amount to the airfare cost directly when booking the tickets. MyClimate takes the fee and uses it to fund their projects around the world that work to counteract deforestation, reduce carbon emissions, and educate the world about environmental protection. This is the second airline in Lufthansa’s group to integrate carbon offsetting into their booking progress, and it will be rolled out to the group’s larger airlines soon, including Swiss and Lufthansa. While both airlines have been offering the service to their customers since 2007—and all […]


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