Advertisement The South Side of Chicago is littered with food deserts, considered to be areas without access to affordable food or produce. So when the Fresh Moves Mobile Market bus stops in the neighborhood, people are eager to board. source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story What were once Chicago Transit Authority buses have now been transformed into farmers markets on wheels. Much of the produce sold—including fresh spinach, arugula and collard greens—is grown right in the city at the Urban Growers Collective. The walls of the bus were lined with bins that held kale and mustard greens, Honeycrisp and Cortland apples, cherry tomatoes and avocados. A refrigerated section offered salad mixes and fresh herbs: thyme, oregano, sage. Advertisement Customers board bus and fill their bags with delicious local vegetables, produce and fruit. Produce is priced to be affordable for all and fair return for the farmers. els – The “Fresh Moves Mobile Market” In Chicago.


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