Cities are increasingly realizing that building better bike infrastructure makes sense: On crowded streets at rush hour, far more people fit on bikes than if they were in cars. Bikes can help cities fight both local smog and climate change, boost local business, and make people living there healthier and happier; one study found that for every dollar invested in separated bike lanes, cities could save $24 on the costs of healthcare, pollution, and traffic . Still, some cities are moving faster than others away from cars. Copenhagenize Design Company, a Copenhagen-based firm that works with cities to improve biking, ranked the largest cities in the world for their bikeability. These are the best. [Photo: courtesy Copenhagenize] 1. Copenhagen A staggering 62% of Copenhageners bike to work or school (in Portland, Oregon, with the largest number of bike commuters in the U.S., the number is roughly 10 times smaller ). Copenhagen has a long history of bike-friendliness, but hasn’t stopped investing in new infrastructure, from bike bridges to regional cycle highways. [Photo: courtesy Copenhagenize] 2. Amsterdam By 2025, Amsterdam will strip more than 11,000 parking spaces from its city center and replace them with bike parking, sidewalks, and trees. […]


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