The Chevrolet Bolt has an average range of more than 375 km. Credit: Chevrolet Canada Drivers will tell you they don’t think about dead batteries or how far they can go Blaine Kyllo For I’ve been writing about electric vehicles (EVs) for the past four years, and in just that short time it seems like everything has changed. More manufacturers are developing and selling EVs, the vehicles that are on the road can travel further on a charge, and there are more charging stations in more places. And then there are the perks, such as primo parking spaces, and the freedom to travel in HOV lanes on the highway even when you’re driving by yourself. Over this time I’ve also talked about EVs with many people. Some have been curious. Some have been skeptical. Some have been ardent fans. But one thing that’s consistent is that once people try an EV, they become fans. I’ve also learned that owning and operating EVs is not like owning other cars. It’s not just that you "fill them up" by plugging them in. If you want to really get a sense of why EV drivers become such boosters, start by dismissing […]


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