A single violin note hovers in the air as the camera pans across the Tesla China Gigafactory. The Gigafactory 3 complex, as it’s known, comprises 865,000 square meters and is situated on a parcel of about 210 acres of land. Set in an industrial area, the site is in the Pudong (“The East Bank”) district of Shanghai, across from the historic city center and abutting the Huangpu River, which extends all the way to the East China Sea. A YouTube video uses aerials — shot with a drone — to allow us to glide over different construction areas. It shows what 6 months of diligent construction can accomplish. Roofing is nearly done. Cement trucks move to and fro from inside the massive factory, and several large trucks are loaded with massive machinery. Stacks of construction materials in red and blue lines point toward a ramp, as if drones were moving in and out of a hive. Rectangular white building footprints give way to a 20 girder high metal framework. Haphazard piles of red-and-white building supplies flank HVAC ductwork. Cranes sweep across the scene, depositing more more materials. For several decades, western automakers who wanted to dually build and sell […]


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