Print What if there was a massive national emergency? Something so serious that it threatened the future of Australia? Something like the spread of plague or the prospect of an attack by a hostile power like in World War Two? And what if the government of Australia in this time of great peril basically acted like the threat wasn’t real and came up with nothing but ineffective token measures, spin and lies? And then what if that government was re-elected? I think you can see where I am heading with this. Since the last in this series of articles for Pro Bono News , we’ve seen the re-election of the Morrison Coalition government – which went to the election without an effective set of policies for reducing Australia’s climate emissions or tackling coal, which is our number one driver of climate change. But the national government is not the country. Huge amounts of climate action can occur outside of what the Commonwealth government does. Cities, towns, states, territories, businesses, institutions of all kinds can take action to reduce emissions – and compel political change. As Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos said very clearly during the ABC’s election night coverage, community […]


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