BMW made a number of electric vehicle announcements on Tuesday as the carmaker looks to accelerate its EV plans. But those plans still don’t involve making their own batteries, much to the chagrin of German government officials. The carmaker announced plans to have 25 electrified models by 2023 at Tuesday’s NEXTGen event, where it also unveiled a new electric concept car , an electric test vehicle that invites Tesla Roadster comparisons , and an electric motorcycle concept . BMW also announced a forced EV mode for its future PHEVs. But BMW still has no prospective plans to build their own battery cells. BMW Chief Financial Officer Nicolas Peter said, “I don’t believe it makes sense for every carmaker to make their own cells,” as reported by Bloomberg . The carmaker is content to work with existing battery suppliers, or to join a consortium, but that appears to be it. This comes at a time when the German government aims to build more electric cars domestically, with an eye on battery production as a part of that. Chancellor met with BMW, Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG in Berlin on Monday regarding these efforts. As Bloomberg notes: The discussion ended without […]


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