Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images Lululemon clothing on display at a store in Pasadena, Calif., March 19, 2013. VANCOUVER ― Lululemon Athletica Inc. wants customers to have more pea in their yoga pants. The athleisure retailer presented the idea at Protein Industries Canada’s (PIC) pitch day Monday in a talk titled: Clothing the World with Crops, according to a photo of a PowerPoint slide. Lululemon’s pitch focused on using byproducts from pea processing as inputs for new clothing materials, said Bill Greuel, chief executive of PIC, a not-for-profit industry association that is one of the federal government’s five supercluster initiatives. Its goal is to create business opportunities, collaborate and invest in projects that could transform Canada’s agriculture and food processing industries, according to its website. “It’s not far-fetched at all,” he said, pointing to other examples of more sustainable material used for clothing, like bamboo. Many companies, including Patagonia, also already use hemp. Watch: Lululemon takes on Adidas and Nike with sneaker line. Story continues below. Unable to play video. HTML5 is not supported! Lululemon declined to comment on the presentation, with spokeswoman Erin Hankinson writing in an email that “we don’t have anything else to share.” Peder Sande, […]


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