A California inventor is one of hundreds of exhibitors at the 2019 Canada’s Farm Progress Show, bringing with him a tractor that runs on an electric motor. Steven Heckeroth, the founder and CEO of “Solectrac”, has over 25 years of experience in building both zero energy homes and electric vehicles, spending much of his life finding ways to reduce fossil fuel use. He says tractors are a good fit for an electric overhaul. “I thought food is pretty important, so we ought to have a tractor that can work after fossil fuels,” Heckeroth said at the second day of Farm Progress. “The electric tractor is a perfect solution for growing food without pollution and without greenhouse gas emissions.” An organizer of Canada’s Farm Progress Show says incoming innovations like Solectrac are an essential piece of the show. “He’s got a great tractor that’s very quiet, no pollution, so I think it’s going to be what a lot of the smaller farms are going to be looking at within their operation,” said Shirley Janeczko, the show manager of Farm Progress. Heckeroth says tractors are even immune to the main issue he’s faced in building electric vehicles: heavy batteries. “The battery […]


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