Many visitors to this website have probably never heard of Extinction Rebellion . It’s a climate-activist group that’s attracting attention this month for headline-grabbing protests designed to pressure the elites to do much more to address the climate breakdown. Today, its demonstrators shut down traffic on Eighth Avenue in New York City near the busy Port Authority transit hub and right outside the New York Times building. They were there to stage a die-in, according to the Guardian , to show their opposition to the New York Times ‘s coverage of the climate breakdown. About 70 people were arrested at the event. They want the New York Times to adopt the language used by the Guardian—climate crisis— rather than sticking with the more innocuously sounding climate change . The group’s principles include using nonviolent strategies and tactics because it believes that’s this is most effective way to bring about societal transformation. On June 19, Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked the main entrance to the Cannes Lions Festival, which includes an award ceremony for those in the advertising and marketing industries. They unfurled a banner saying "TELL THE TRUTH" and chanted "We are in the sixth mass extinction" and "If […]


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