© Roberto Epple / ERN Removal of the 118-foot-high dam in France will free the Sélune River, bringing wildlife back to the waterway and the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Wild rivers are wildly important, so to speak; and as it stands now, just one-third of the world’s longest rivers remain free-flowing. With river fragmentation and flow regulation as the leading contributors to this loss of river connectivity, everything goes haywire. For much of this we can thank dams; one of the biggest threats to river ecosystems. As WWF explains , “they stop the natural flow of sediments downstream and affect migratory fishes from travelling up- or downstream to complete their lifecycles. These impediments often lead to the decrease or decimation of native fish populations and can harbor other, non-native species in their adjacent impoundments.” Which is why it’s such big news that France has begun removing the Vezins and La Roche Qui Boit hydroelectric dams. At 118-foot-high, the removal of the Vezins will mark the largest dam removal in Europe to date. © Preparing to make the first hole. Roberto Epple / ERN “We congratulate France for proceeding with the biggest dam removal in Europe to date, and with that […]


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