Greg Robinson, director of community and economic development for the Town of Raymond, stands near an array of solar panels on the town’s stadium. The town has put solar panels on almost all the municipally owned buildings and is the first town in Canada and possibly in North America to be electrically net zero. | Barb Glen photo Solar panels on almost all town-owned buildings allow Raymond to produce enough electricity to run its operations RAYMOND, Alta. — A small Alberta town is the first in Canada and likely the first in North America to produce as much of its own electricity as required to run town operations. It’s called “net zero” as far as electricity is concerned and it has been achieved in Raymond, population about 4,000, by installing solar panels on nearly all town-owned buildings. It is an approach other towns and municipalities could also embrace, said Jason Atkinson of Enmax, the Calgary-based utility that partnered with Raymond on its solar generation project. “Raymond is being powered by the sun,” said Atkinson, director of operations for Enmax. “It’s like the field of dreams. If you build it, they will come.” Solar panels have been installed on the […]


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