(CNN)Riversimple, a small independent car manufacturer in rural Wales, is taking a bet that hydrogen vehicles will play a key part in the future of transport. Former auto engineer Hugo Spowers swore off working with petrol engines 15 years ago when he began toying with the idea of building hydrogen-powered vehicles. Spowers was determined to devise a fundamentally new solution to address the problems associated with carbon emissions. "We’ve got to move beyond trying to make combustion engines a little bit less bad," he tells CNN. "Because after all, being a little bit less unsustainable is still not sustainable." The result is a hand-built, aerodynamic car called Rasa that weighs just 580 kilograms — 40 kilograms more than just the battery of a Tesla Model S. Its name comes from the Latin "tabula rasa," which means "clean slate," a nod to the clean hydrogen technology and how Spowers and his team designed a radically different type of car from scratch. The odd-looking two-seater with butterfly doors takes three minutes to refuel, has a 500 kilometer range, a top speed of 96km/hour, and the only tail pipe emission is water. By comparison, a battery electric vehicle takes much longer to […]


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