Upon reading the details of bill S-203 , passed by the Canadian parliament, this writer was filled with thankfulness and appreciation. You see, this bill, passed February 1, 2019 (after three years of intense infighting), outlaws the capture and captivity of dolphins and whales . Here’s an excerpt from the law , courtesy of the Parliament of Canada: ‘The criminal code is amended (as follows): ‘445.2 (1) In this section, cetacean includes any member of the cetacean order, including a whale, dolphin or porpoise. (2) Subject to subsections (3) and (3.1), everyone commits an offence who (a) owns, has the custody of or controls a cetacean that is kept in captivity; (b) breeds or impregnates a cetacean; or (c) possesses or seeks to obtain reproductive materials of cetaceans, including sperm or an embryo.’ Admittedly, there was a bit of “bitter-sweetness” as well. Why? Well, if you’re from the United States, the proposition that our government would ever come together to do something so astounding, so moving – and for another species, at that – is dubious at best. The Canadian parliament’s display of solidarity and compassion for species other than our own is as inspiring as it is moving. […]


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