© Unwrapped Life Remove the water. Solving the global plastic pollution problem is a dilemma that has many innovators and companies scratching their heads. Better recyclables, thinner and more compact packaging, biodegradable materials, and refillable reusables are some of the solutions that get bandied around. All of these are valuable ideas, but what if we dug deeper and analyzed the actual products being shipped? Perhaps these could be reformulated in such a way as not to need the kind of packaging that we’ve come to view as necessary. When you stop to think about it, much of what we’re shipping around the world is water . Whether it’s cleaning products or personal care products, these are mostly made up of water, with ingredients mixed in to clean, moisturize, color, or do whatever task you need. Now imagine if we could remove the water and only ship the additive. It could come in dry tablet or bar form and, depending on its use, could be dissolved in water to create a product just as strong as anything you’d buy at the store, or used in bar form directly on your body. This would save money, hassle (who loves lugging heavy […]


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