© Lidia Puica It’s not like other forms of gardening. Here’s why. Remember that awesome video showing the first three years of a backyard food forest ? Even with the slideshow explaining how Dan from Plant Abundance turned a litter-strewn yard into an urban oasis, I have to admit that a Lazivore like me was still intimidated. That’s why I was delighted to see that Dan just posted a new video explaining the simple principles behind his method of gardening. Here’s a summary: 1. He doesn’t like to be too restrictive: That’s why he hesitates to label his work "permaculture," "organic gardening," or "forest gardening," for example—instead taking inspiration from all of these disciplines and more. 2. Layering is central to everything: The most basic premise behind any food forest is the idea that we can maximize our yield if we learn to use all layers of the garden—using the vertical space above and below ground to cram in a much larger harvest than if we only rely on what grows at ground level. By using root crops, ground cover crops, herbaceous plants, shrubs, small trees, canopy trees and vines, Dan is able to more efficiently take advantage of […]


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