In what could possibly be the world’s largest agricultural feat, Canadian farmer Travis Heide is in the process of converting his 40,000-acre farm entirely to organic. Heide’s farm is large enough to produce 2,200,000 bushels of wheat per year. Although he has been mostly quiet about his transition to organic, his company Organics Canada Ltd. is set to boom as he will begin producing oats, lentils, peas, wheat and hemp all organically. Currently, the farm is half-organic and half-conventionally grown, but by 2020 Travis plans to convert his entire farm to organic . “We’ll be 75 percent organic in 2019, and if we don’t add anything else, in 2020 we’ll be 100 percent organic.” ~Travis Heide The size and ambition of his operation is even more impressive considering Heide just started farming full-time in 2014. “I have never heard of anything like that…The biggest one I’ve heard of before is maybe 20,000 [acres].” ~Laura Telford, Organic Development Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture In his early years, Travis grew up working on his parents’ farm near Moosomin, Saskatchewan, with his four younger brothers. He later earned a business degree from the University of Saskatchewan and soon thereafter took a job with a […]


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