Britain has not used coal to generate electricity for two weeks – the longest period since the 1880s. The body which manages the way electricity is generated said coal was last used at 15:12 on 17 May. Fintan Slye, director of the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), said the British record for solar power had also been broken this month. Britain broke the record for a week of no coal earlier this month , which Mr Slye said would be a "new normal". The government plans to phase out the UK’s last coal-fired plants by 2025 to reduce carbon emissions and Mr Slye said there was "still a lot of work to do". But he added: "As more and more renewables come onto the system, we’re seeing things progress at an astonishing rate." The world’s first centralised public coal-fired generator opened in 1882 at Holborn Viaduct in London. Britain breaks coal-free power record over Easter weekend UK has first coal-free week for a century As coal plants take six hours to warm up, the ESO knows that it is on course to reach two weeks without coal after not using any since 17 May. The longest period without […]


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