Some would argue otherwise, but this is fantastic news. Nissan keeps a close tab on battery degradation and overall charging patterns of its fleet of over 400,000 LEAFs on the road today. While many people continue to discount Nissan for its lack of active thermal management for its batteries, the automaker’s data is compelling. Recent Nissan battery life data suggests that the battery itself may last some 10-12 years beyond the life of the car. The company sees the LEAF’s reasonable life at about 10 years. Managing director of Renault-Nissan Energy Services Francisco Carranza reveals that the batteries in those cars seem to have a 22-year life span. It’s important to note, however, that this means after 22 years the batteries could prove completely unusable. During the time that the LEAF is in possession of an owner and driven regularly, its range could surely deteriorate as its battery degrades. This is to be expected of any battery, and especially true if you own a LEAF and drive it often and hard in, especially warm climates. Still, if someone can buy a new LEAF, which is one of the most popular and least expensive EVs available globally, and drive it […]


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