Offices are terrible places, if for no other reason than they pull us from the sunlight and greenery that’s proven to make us happier and healthier . A new, 11-story building in Tokyo called Kojimachi Terrace wants to change that by bringing the outside in, and the inside out. [Photo: Takumi Ota/courtesy Nendo] With both an interior and exterior crafted by the Japanese design firm Nendo , Kojimachi Terrace is a corporate-leasable space that features the liberal use of a simulated wood finish and planted greenery throughout. All lighting is indirect, bouncing from the floor and ceiling to create a refreshing glow instead of baking you under top-down fluorescent lighting. The walls and ceilings were plastered by hand rather than machines, so they have an uneven, organic-feeling finish. Balconies were built on most floors and can be exposed to open air or closed off with glass doors. The safety rails on the terraces, which would generally be some metallic eyesore, are camouflaged, because they’ve been built in the same durable, faux wood material and proportions as the inner and outer facade. Through these simple design decisions, the rails look like frames instead of fences. [Photo: Takumi Ota/courtesy Nendo] The […]


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