By Meredith Rosenberg Between gas-guzzling flights, high-pollution cruise ships and energy-consuming hotels, travel takes a huge toll on the environment. Whether for business or vacation, for many people it’s not realistic to simply stop traveling. So what’s the solution? There are actually numerous ways to become more eco-conscious while traveling, which can be implemented with these expert tips. Transportation Buy Carbon Credits We Are Neutral is a Florida-based non-profit that works with organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Geared toward businesses, the site offers a helpful carbon footprint calculator for flights, cars and even hotels. Just enter a few basic details, and the handy tool estimates the amount of carbon your trip produces. It even suggests how much you should donate to offset that amount, and allows you to donate directly to We Are Neutral, which uses the funds to plant trees. Fly Environmentally Friendly Airlines Kelley Louise, the executive director of Impact Travel Alliance , says that JetBlue has started using a sustainable jet fuel blend , while the International Council on Clean Transportation has named Norwegian Air the most fuel-efficient transatlantic airline . Meanwhile, the Atmosfair Airline Index 2017 is a helpful tool for discovering the most […]


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